Document Design

Here you will find examples of professional documents I’ve created both in the professional workplace and in school. These are examples of documents I created for Normandy Park Senior Living as their sole Marketing Director and Head of Sales. As the lone driver of sales and outreach, I took it upon myself to create all…

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Here is a collection of some of my digital art illustrations made in my free time. I create these illustrations in Clip Studio and post them to my personal art Instagram on a consistent and frequent basis. I use these illustrations to publish my current drawing ability and document my growth over time.

Game Design Project

For my Game Engines and Platforms class, I was tasked with leading a group of people in creating a video game from the ground up. We had 4 members, with me developing all of the visual assets, their animations and the overall design of our game. I also oversaw the production of the game, where…

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Mock Materials

These projects are mock promotional material designs, featuring work done in Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign, and Clip Studio Paint. E3 Promotional Poster This is a mock poster designed to promote E3 2021, done using Illustrator, Photoshop, and Clip Studio. This was eventually animated to have small movements and feature Mario flying in from the top…

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These are various logos I’ve created throughout my time in school. The examples shown here were done for personal connections, though never actually used. However, they show my ability to design across multiple styles and combine typography with artistic expression. Fire Gold Productions Logo This is a logo designed for a colleague’s production company. The…

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Website Design

These three images are screenshots of different websites I’ve coded throughout school. Featured here is my first portfolio site, featuring the many of the art found in my current portfolio. Next is my guide on creating digital art, which includes a step by step process (with images and gifs) of the creation of one of…

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Here are examples of the stickers found in my RedBubble shop. I made these in my free time while working on other digital art projects. I figured I could use my drawing skills to start a shop and generate some small side income. The stickers have sold very well and I hope to continue adding…

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