About Me

I am a Marketing Director and Multimedia Specialist with a B.A. in Digital Technology and Culture and certificate in Game Studies and Design from Washington State University. My skillset broadly ranges from marketing, professional documentation, branding, asset creation, to client relation development and much more. I also practice digital art in my free time to grow my drawing abilities and start a comic in the future.

I currently work as the sole Marketing Director at Normandy Park Senior Living, where I am the lone driver of all sales and marketing. This role has led me to numerous sales and marketing events, while providing me with plenty of professional experience in collateral creation and client relationship building. Additionally, my time in school serves as the perfect foundation to my career development as I am highly experienced in the Adobe suite and printed media as a whole, giving me all the tools I need to succeed in any industry.

I am capable of handling any challenge given to me and work to build my confidence even further through stepping out of my creative comfort zone. I believe that perfecting the medium of your choice is crucial to succeeding in any industry, while working outside of that medium allows for one to grow exponentially as an individual. This is the mindset I use to develop myself every day as a professional.